Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas with the Wrights

Today we had Christmas early.......

The Wright family all came together at our house but I suppose its not our house anymore is it? You missed it but gosh you were here in spirit.
So as your parents were over we thought we would all come together and celebrate Christmas.
The full works Turkey, crackers and we even used the dinning room. The room I haven't used since you left us. And we even lit a fire.
The house was buzzing, full life. It felt exactly like the times when we had people over and I kept walking into the kitchen, expecting to see you. All through dinner I kept looking down as I could feel you reaching over to give me a touch of your hand brushing my knee, telling me I had done a good job.
I missed you today and I know I wasn't the only one. Your parents, Aunt, Uncle, Sister, Nephew, Niece and of course our girls. All of us didn't say anything but I know it just felt wrong, it was all to close to how it would have been if you were here. . We made a great team! You were always such an amazing host, making sure everyone was happy and I love to entertain. It really hit me this morning, when I went to extend the dinning room table. I had no idea how to do it! Well why would I! I never did, you did. Not that I thought it would be hard to work out! Gosh how wrong I was! I had no idea, luckily a friend and her husband arrived just at the right time!

But its the small things that make me realise I'm living in a house where I've still to discover new things that you always took care of!

But I'm feeling stronger. I'm taking big strides and laughing and going out more and more, which most of the time feels good but days like today make me realise how good we were together. Our girls were brilliant, it was like they knew we had to pull together as you weren't here. I feel so lucky and proud to have such 2 amazing children. And we are here for each other.

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